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Network Marketing Success with doTERRA Online: A Client Case Study

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Early last year a client with a successful massage practice in Australia hired our SEO company (via referral) to help her leverage the Internet and build a multi-level marketing business online with the world’s largest essential oil company doTERRA, Inc.

We got to work formulating an search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) strategy which involved building multiple websites in different locations / countries that would rank for doTERRA essential oil related search terms in those regions e.g. ‘doterra australia‘ for Australian searchers.

This resulted in us building out 6 different websites on separate geo-targeted cTLDs including Australia (, New Zealand (, United Kingdom / Europe (, the USA (.com), Singapore (.sg) and Malaysia (.my).

After doing the required keyword research it was clear that it should be relatively easy to rank each of these sites for multiple high value geo-targeted keywords with only a handful of back links. These links were sourced primarily via guest post outreach on relevant websites with power and authority as well as some local directories and helpful value-added comments on relevant blogs.

As far as domain selection we chose domain names with the word do + essential oils followed by each geolocation e.g. This gave us credit for both keyword relevance and the word ‘do’ at the beginning encouraged searches to click-through from the search engine results pages because at first glance this prefix makes it look like an official doTERRA website.

From an SEO standpoint this required the minimum of resources and we were able to achieve front page rankings for our client on Google and Bing for several ‘buyer-intent’ keywords within just a couple months of launching each website.

Furthermore, top 3 rankings (including several number one positions) were achieved within 3-4 months.

Since achieving these results for our client she has enjoyed massively increased sales in her doTERRA business and has added several hundred new members to her downline organization / sales team, which is now growing organically via the free essential oil class duplication model.

If you are involved in network marketing and would like assistance in building an online presence that can potentially increase both sales and wholesale member intake into your MLM business, we can help.

Reach out to us via our contact form and we’ll get in touch with you and can discuss with you how we might help you to achieve your business goals faster using the power of the Internet.

We look forward to hearing from you and to working with you!

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