SEO in China

The job is not over even after you have launched your website and have it optimised for search engines. This method might work for countries all over the world, but it will fail miserably in China. You are missing a huge audience if your website is unable to attract the Chinese market, which constitutes a huge percentage of the global market. You need the help of a seo china expert for this job.

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Here are some important tips that will help you understand the differences you need to make to your online store to ensure that citizens of China are able to find it when searching for keywords and key phrases relevant to the products and services you promote. For your information, people of China cannot access search engines like google or popular social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter etc. Apart from this, they have a limited knowledge of the English language. Therefore, the first priority is to get all of your website's pages translated into English via a professional translator. You also need to instruct the coder of your website to include a drop down language menu to allow viewers to select either the English or Chinese language version of your website. The best way is to put two words, one in English, and the other in Mandarin, with both of these words containing a link that leads the visitor to the English or Chinese version of your website.

Importance of SEO in China

We have already discussed abut handing the translation to a professional rather than depending on Google translate to convert the English text of your website to the Chinese language. The search engine optimisation professional also has to ensure that he or she translates the keywords and key phrases in a proper manner so that they match the terms used by the Chinese when searching online for services and products promoted by you. Remember, Chinese people depend on local search engines such as Baidu, Shenma, Haoso, and Sogou for searching online for products and services. Of these, Baidu has a market share of nearly 70%. Therefore, the SEO professional has to optimize the Chinese section of your website in such a manner so that that search engine easily indexes it. Like Google, this search engine too has its sets of algorithms and not following them might lead to Baidu removing your site from its index.

Social media

You should not overlook the importance of social media when planning to tap the Chinese market. As mentioned above, Chinese citizens hardly have any access to popular global social networks. For example, Chinese citizens depend on WeChat instead of Facebook, Sina Weibo instead of Twitter, Youku Tudou rather than YouTube. Apart from this, Tencent QQ is among the most popular and the oldest social media site in China. The company you have assigned to SEO-ing your site for the Chinese market needs to have a solid knowledge about these sites in order to promote your website through these social media.